Group Photos Page 1

First JOYSTRINGS group on the steps of the ITC just after General Coutts famous press Conference
Left to right:
Thelma Adams/Bill Davidson/Handel Everett/Wycliffe Noble/Joy Webb/Brenda Alexander/Peter Dalziel/Lilian Boot

Another shot on the steps of the Training College in London

Wycliffe at front on Drums,
(Middle Row L-R) Bill Davidson, Peter Dalziel, Joy Webb, Handel Everett,
(Back Row L-R) Lillian Boot, Thelma Adams, Brenda Alexander

Pictured L-R: Ruth, Joy, Sylvia, Bill, Pauline, Peter, Wycliffe, Lars

Pictured L-R: Lars, Joy, Bill, Wycliffe, Peter, Ruth, Pauline, Sylvia

Another group shot in the studio,
Pictured L-R: Brenda, Lillian, Thelma, Joy. Peter, Bill.
Handel & Wycliffe can be seen in the background.