The Trumpets Of The Lord

Original record sleeve artwork, above photo taken during an early recording session featuring
far left: Handel Everett, second left: Brenda Alexanda, centre front: Lillian Boot,Thelma Adams is standing on her left, Peter Dalziel (holding guitar centre), Wycliffe Noble on Drums at rear, second right, Joy Webb, first right: Bill Davidson.

Track listings:

Side One:
The Trumpets Of The Lord-(James Black/arr J Webb)
Walk In The Light-(Mary Masters/arr J Webb)

Side Two
When Jesus Comes To You!-(J Webb)
Yes Indeed!-(Handel Everett)

The reverse of the sleeve contained the following text:

This is a new sound for The Salvation Army. We hope it gets across to you. Frankly, the idea was born not from a desire to entertain, nor simply to 'get with it; the object was to attract young people to the Gospel. We should explain that the members of the group featured here are, with a single exception, Cadets and Officers of the William Booth Memorial College for Salvation Army Officers. In addition to studying theology, they are evangelists. Youthful themselves, their main idea is to convince young people everywhere that the Christian life is not some old-fashioned cult for 'squares'. Singing hymns the conventional way at open-air services left them standing on their own, so they experimented with a tea-chest bass and guitars anxious to convey the impression that these uniformed Salvationists were not odd folk but in reality part of their world. Result-the boys and girls stopped, looked, and more important still, listened. The message the group gives out on the street corner is contained in the lyrics of the songs they present on this record. Perhaps you will not be surprised to learn that they send with this recording a prayer that their music may attract listeners to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.