The Song Break With The Joystrings

This picture was taken at the London Transport museum and shows front left to right: Wycliffe, Sylvia, Joy, Peter, Bill.

Alternate Swedish Cover.

Track listings:

Side One:
It Won't Always Be Like This-(Dalziel/Robson)
This Is Living-(Davidson)
Side Two
Tomorrow -(B Davidson)

All tracks recorded from original EP records

The reverse of the sleeve contained the following text:

The "Sunday Break" was the first major pop programme of similar nature on television. "Hallelujah", a folk programme of wit and protest, ran for two years and now "The Song Break", the impact of which is even more direct. Assemble in a factory in the North or Midlands an audience of factory personnel; let the factory choir, or another local choir, sing; invade the set with the Joy Strings, get everybody singing together; allow John Lawrenson, who links the programme, to sing one or two big solos; and there is a recipe which does not date. The religious message is simple, but the styles vary. The programme includes Sacred Songs, Choral items and Negro Spirituals and of course, The Joy Strings, who can turn out brazen beat or simple melody with a sincerity which captivates everyone who cares to listen. The four songs reproduced on this record serve to illustrate their amazing versatility, and without doubt will prove to be the most favourite items from this extremely popular ABC television series.