The Only One


Peter Dalziel

Hey, mister shepherd, where are you bound tonight?

Hey, mister shepherd, on such a beautiful night?

I look at your face and see a smile is there.

I look to your eyes, and there detect a tear.

"Oh, my friend, Im crying for joy, for on this night the worlds been giving a boy

hes the one, the one, the only one."

Hey, little lad, why are you running to town?

Hey, little lad, dancing up and down.

I see in your arms a cute little lamb,

now, who is it for, please tell us if you can?

"Its for the baby boy whos lying in the hay. So I brought this gift to wish Him happy birthday,

they say hes the one, the one, the only one."

Excuse me, he says, your way are lost, I feel,

where are you from, what brings you here?

How grand you look, what wealth do you bring?

For whom do you seek, you might well be a king?

"Your light is true, were kings, one, two, three, we follow a star, a star of mystery

to the one, the one, the only one, the King of kings is He, King is He."

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